The Best Italian Restaurants with a Bar in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is renowned for its Italian cuisine, and the city is an ideal destination for those looking for a delicious Italian meal with a bar. From classic red sauce joints to modern Italian eateries, there are plenty of options to choose from.

A Mano

in Fairmount offers homemade pasta dishes and starters like roasted beets with whipped ricotta and grilled peaches with stracciatella.

Murph's Big Clover

is an Irish pub that serves some of the best Italian food around.

Dante & Luigi's has a history of mafia successes and serves classic Italian dishes. The Victor Cafe is Philadelphia's top destination for Italian red sauce and live opera.


is a perfect place in the neighborhood that executes everything it does very well. And Ralph's is an old South Philadelphia institution that claims to be the oldest Italian restaurant in the country. No matter what type of Italian food you're looking for, Philadelphia has something for everyone.

Visit A Mano for an elegant and simple experience, Murph's Big Clover for a unique Irish-Italian fusion, Dante & Luigi's for classic Italian dishes, The Victor Cafe for modern Italian cuisine, Mulherin for a gastronomic destination, or Ralph's for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy a glass of wine or other products from the market, or sit at one of the restaurant's indoor or outdoor tables for a complete experience.

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